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Friendly IT company

We care about our customers and we provide IT support tailored specifically for them. We will sit down with you, meet you and your company so we can meet your needs. Nowaday many people compromise to one-size-fits-all BRONZE, GOLD, PLATINUM PLANS from expensive and unfriendly geeks - there is no need for that.

We can help you with all of the above and if we can't answer your question we will help you find someone who can. You will never hear "sorry, can't help you" from us.

Why choose us?

  • Cut costs by using the right tools and the right technology
  • Eliminate dependency on full-time, expensive, IT employees
  • On-demand computer experts
  • Live customers service professionals
  • Fast response time
  • We prioritize our local businesses and provide excellent, reliable service

Main Services

Providing technology related support for businesses and home users. Cut expenses by introducing efficient technology.

Disaster recovery planning

Is your company prepared for a server crash? Are your computers protected against viruses? What do you do if the internet is down? We will help you implement internet redundancy, company wide antivirus solutions and immediate server backup restoration.


Do you have a good backup? When was the last time it was tested? Is your backup local or offsite? We provide our own comprehensive offsite backup solutions with immediate support and restore. We can also help you implement an efficient local backup.

Network troubleshooting

Are your devices dropping in and out of the network? Is your wireless coverage too weak? Is your internet too slow? We will troubleshoot and diagnose network latency, internet speed and wireless coverage issues.

Network management and setup

Do you need company wide wireless coverage? Do you need to increase your network speed? do you need to upgrade your network switches and devices? Do you need to setup a new network printer? Do you need to share files among computers? We can help you deploy fast wireless and teach you how to manage it so you are not dependent on any IT company. We can help you negotiate with your internet service provider for better speeds at a lower price. We can help you setup a network wide scanner / printer system. We can also help you implement a shared drive to all users. We can deploy a variety of network services so you can run your business more efficiently.

Smartphone implementation

We will help you choose and use the best smartphones and tablets for your company. Iphone or Android which one is better? Will your company email work with it? How can you share contacts and calendars with all your employees? We will help you choose the best option and train you how to use it.

E-mail, Calendar and Contacts

Are you ready to move your domain to a professional hosting location? Are you ready to have a professional email with your own name on it instead of Yahoo, verizon, comcast or any other company? Do you need to have a business calendar where all employees share appointments and notes? We have been implementing Google Apps since 2007 and it allows users to work from anywhere in the world and share and collaborate and edit live documents and spreadsheets.

Virus and Malware Removal

"FBI" virus asking you for money? pop-ups driving you crazy? viruses redirecting your web browser? We will clean your office computers or home computers - and install the software you need to keep viruses and malware from infecting you again.

Computer clean-up

Is your computer running slow? Do you want to upgrade your old Macbook pro to a Solid State Drive and have it running like new again? We will help you upgrade and clean up your old system so they run like new again.

Hardware upgrade and repair / Software update

Server needs more space? more memory? Are you ready to use the newest version of Mac OS or Windows? Does your company need to install a new version of a software? We will help you update and upgrade your systems.

General technology consulting

Cut costs and free yourself from full time IT support. Get help when you need it. Do you need some ideas on how to run your business from home or on the go? Do you want to cut the costs of having a full time IT person? Do you want to decrease your IT costs but still have responsive IT support?

Interested in working with us? Call us on 215-947-2506 or leave us an email