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Main Services

Providing technology related support for businesses and home users. Cut expenses by introducing efficient technology.

Disaster recovery planning

We will help you implement internet redundancy, company wide antivirus solutions and immediate server backup restoration.


We provide our own comprehensive offsite backup solutions with immediate support and restore. We can also help you implement an efficient local backup.

Network troubleshooting

We will troubleshoot and diagnose network latency, internet speed and wireless coverage issues.

Network management and setup

We can deploy a variety of network services so you can run your business more efficiently.

Smartphone implementation

We will help you choose and use the best smartphones and tablets for your company.

E-mail, Calendar and Contacts

Apps since 2007 and it allows users to work from anywhere in the world and share and collaborate and edit live documents and spreadsheets.

Virus and Malware Removal

We will clean your office computers or home computers - and install the software you need to keep viruses and malware from infecting you again.

Computer clean-up

We will help you upgrade and clean up your old system so they run like new again.

Hardware upgrade and repair / Software update

We will help you update and upgrade your systems.

General technology consulting

Cut costs and free yourself from full time IT support. Get help when you need it.

This is what our clients have to say about us

"Rock-It Cargo thinks you guys are great and provide excellent service! We have no complaints."

M. D. Huntingdon Valley, PA

"We have been very pleased with your prompt, friendly and thorough service. Most of all, it is important to us to have someone we can trust and rely on to be there when we need them...because having a down or infected or compromised computer is a threat as well as a nuisance. Thanks for all of your help and guidance over the years and you can count on us using your services for a long time! Sincerely,"

K. S. Huntingdon Valley, PA

"We have been working with Nobre Computer Services for several years and plans to continue doing so. Nobre has helped us with a wide range of technological issues, including: new server/network integration, resolving various software and hardware conflicts, data recovery, storage/back-up solutions and more. Their service is both prompt and friendly, and they resolve most issues quickly and efficiently."

R. K. Huntingdon Valley, PA

Meet our respected clients

Our clients know that they are safe with us. They feel comfortable with how we work and are always
presented with a friendly expert who is eager to help.